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Baby Luv game: Download and Play

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Baby Luv will have you falling in love with the cutest babies you'll ever see! Choose from hundreds of different items to create and customize your very own baby! Play tons of mini-games, including hide and seek, jigsaw puzzles, memory match and more to earn money that you can spend at the baby store! Feed, bathe and pamper your baby as you experience the joys of first steps, first words, first laugh and all of the fun of baby's first year!
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Baby Luv screenshot
Baby Luv screenshot
Baby Luv screenshot

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Baby Luv is 100% safe to download. You can download Baby Luv for free and try it for 60 minutes to decide whether you like it or not. If you like it, you can purchase Baby Luv instantly and securely online.

Mini-Reviews on Baby Luv Game

Posted on Mar 11, 2012    
New Mom | September 14, 2011 At my shower there was a game ivnloving candy. So the clue would be person who buys the baby clothes and the answer would be sugar daddy! And the person who gets the answer wins the sugar daddy It was fun, I don't have all of the examples, but I'm sure they could think of a lot!
Posted on Jan 3, 2010    
Posted on Dec 28, 2009    
it stunk just like u people
Posted on Oct 30, 2009    
gud but takes adas to loud
Posted on Aug 16, 2009    
I love this game ♥
Posted on Jan 26, 2009    

cute game
luv the babies yeah ???????????
so adouribul girls n boyz
Posted on Dec 13, 2008    
I baby love until it starteed to cry JK
Posted on Dec 7, 2008    
i luv this game like i dont know
Posted on Aug 23, 2008    
Posted on Jun 28, 2008    
it was good
Posted on Jun 27, 2008    
Baby Luv........
Posted on Jun 23, 2008    
i love this game
Posted on Jun 3, 2008    
i luv it
Posted on Jun 1, 2008    
Posted on May 18, 2008    
Posted on May 1, 2008    

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